We are a website that has dedicated its time to counseling and helping people that suffer from many forms of addiction. Our base of operations is in Denver, CO. However we do love to share our experiences and tips on how to beat addiction over our blogs and stories that we post on this website. Our counselors are experts in the field when it comes down to addiction so give us a try!

Why are we the best in What we do

Being the best is always important to every business. However when being the best can help somebody better their life than the competition does not matter. We have dedicated our lives to helping people in need and slowly we have become the best in the field at what we do. Give us a try and the results will be astonishing.

Our Services

Addiction Counselors

Having a professional counselor is important when dealing with addiction. People that have become addicts have a hard time opening up. So, a counselor is there to break up the stigma and to offer his ear and expertise to the person suffering from addiction.

Social Workers

Having a family broken up by drugs is a hard and tedious problem. This can also have a significant impact on the whole family and the hardest impact can be on the kids. If the house is not a safe environment the kids need to be removed until such a time that their home becomes a safe space again. Our social workers perform these tasks.


For every drug addict, the most important step when dealing with addiction is the right therapy. Whether it be with medication or with many hours of meetings to talk it through its important to schedule a proper therapy for people who are suffering from addiction.


Clinical tests

The best way to prove that something is or is not is by doing medical tests. When somebody is getting clean and would like to know how their body is reacting to this big change its important to have your own lab that can perform all kinds of stress tests on the body. Our lab is equipped for such endeavors.

Seeking Treatment for Adderall Addiction

About Adderall In the brand name drug Adderall, you'll find two active ingredients of note: dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. In conjunction, these ingredients aid focus by speeding up the body and providing waking stimulation. It works so well that doctors regularly...