Being a grownup is hard, but what’s even harder is being a teen. As a grownup, you have learned how to fight in certain situations, and you have learned what responsibilities need to be done in order to get through your day or a year. But, teenagers are just on the verge of discovering the hardships of life and usually, this is the age where people either make it or they lose themselves. Being a teen is the ripe time for making mistakes, and even though the best way to learn in life is from mistakes, there are some situations which you should universally elude if possible. One such situation that should be avoided is the becoming an addict with the extensive use of drugs, or drug-like substances.
Drugs divide themselves into two main categories, the first one being the illegal drugs, and the second one is the legal drugs.
One thing is important to understand here and that everything, when done many times over a long period, becomes an addictive addition to our day. For instance, drinking coffee is something that can be an addictive behavior. However, if it’s done in the recommended dose it is not considered a substance abuse type of behavior, but it can easily become one. Furthermore, we don’t need to say that taking heroin is substance abuse as it is both illegal and dangerous in small doses.

So, with that said let’s boil down substance abuse that most teens struggle with:

– Alcohol abuse, smoking cigarettes, caffeine abuse, marijuana smoking abuse, heroin, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, ecstasy, LSD, mushrooms, salvia, prescription drug abuse (such as Cough Syrup, Steroid Abuse, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin) and other types of substance abuse.

teenAs you can notice there are many forms of substance abuse that a teen can be engaged with and as scary and intimidating as they all may be, all of these things can be prevented and treated in the worst-case scenario.
What is important when dealing with possible or full-blown teen drug abuse is to spot it early and act on it as soon as possible. Many teens are just lost in this world and need some counseling so a lot of drug prevention tactics boil down to education and engagement. If a teen can be engaged and entertained without the need to abuse certain substances than the biggest obstacle to preventing drug abuse and substance abuse has been achieved.
However, if the teen has been using and abusing drugs it should be noted that professional help is always the way to approach the situation. Many teens can be hard to deal in this state and its best to enroll them in the many programs that a rehabilitation center like our Addiction Counseling Practice in Denver, CO can provide for them. Addiction is not something that should be handled without the professionals and it should definitely be something that is considered a serious issue that must be dealt with as soon as possible.